First Ever Post..1/5/2017


Pop some Mutha Fuckin bottles! and get shit faced! because this crazy bitch started a blog !

Welcome to my first ever blog post! Not sure where this will all go but better than keeping all this built up rage in eh?

I want to touch on issues that not only effect me but just all around piss me off when ever I see them on social media. This includes anything from politics to less aggravating things like movie reviews and such…

Since I’m new at this please excuse my horrific grammar, maybe try reading it upside down? squinting?  idk something has to work keep trying… In return for you ignoring my grammar mistakes I will watch a few School House of Rock videos on YouTube. Even trade.

Also suggest stuff, how often does a complete stranger take the time to attend to your person needs? eh? Do it before I have a zillion followers and proclaim I no longer have time for your insignificant questions or comments.

Also thanks for even reading all this.. I can’t say it is more interesting than your newsfeed but…. oh wait I can because this is my blog!




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