Same-Sex(y) marriage

See what I did there ūüėČ

Recently, I had a assignment in my English class to debate different personal freedoms.

I will be posting my final essay on here because: 1. it tells my viewpoint on a current breach of civil rights (and you know how that drives to insanity lol) and 2. the thought of putting effort into a 8-10 page research paper, and it only being read by one person annoys me beyond comprehension.

Anyways, I had to respond to another student on her views of gay marriage…to which she¬†stated “I strongly believe that God intended man to be with woman and it is important that children see a balanced/ stable marriage.” Now I’m not going to completely¬†rag on her because she was able to state her beliefs without coming off as completely homophobic which is not easy to do haha. So instead I went for partial disrespect? lol (eye for an eye missy)

Here was my response:

“I respectfully disagree, I’m all for same sex marriage! I think marriage is not confined to aspects of religion. Atheist have the right to get married, so it is not about religion. Procreation is also eliminated from¬†the rational behind it,¬†because infertile couples have the right to get married as well. Marriage is about love, committing to the highest degree of¬†devotion. I understand that your religion permits you to believe god intended his creations to resist their inner desires of loving the person they feel compelled too. However, I think this means gay couples should not get married in your church, that seems like the¬†happy medium. Civil marriages should be permitted as the law should have no bias on religion. I think the upmost respect humans can give one another is acknowledgment that we are all different, yet still provide equal¬†civil rights.¬†Touching on your belief that children need to see a stable balanced marriage¬†¬†I agree, however I don’t think stable balanced marriages come from the genitalia, I think it comes from the kind of parent they enact to be. I am thrilled to hear you respect homosexuals, I think it is one thing to disagree and another to spew hate,¬†your deliverance of your¬†beliefs were civilized and respectable.”

See, tiny bit sarcasm… but informative as hell, always my style.

This coming from girl raised in a Catholic family, completing all her sacraments, and baptizing my own offspring through the church.

As I grow into adulthood my views of religion and society are ever evolving. But one fact that has remained perpetually true, is the notion that basic rights are never advantages, they never hinder others. They are but respect that should be given, and should not require effort. Same-sex marriage falls into that basic civil right.

PRETTY PLEASE feel free to respond! Because you’re even taking the time to read my post I promise to be extra sweet and not so sassy,¬†even if you disagree with me and cuss me out ūüôā38823cd2bc14c1ef220d94e7b1e76eb9


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