About Me

Geez! Aren’t we nosey!

Alright fine, I’ll give you something to nibble…

My name is Stephanie. I’m a Virgo, hints the name of this… blog? website? mess? who knows what this whole thing is yet. Virago is defined as a bad tempered woman, and honey if you know me in person or god forbid love me, you know that’s accurate as hell.

so obviously I went for the ViragoVirgo 🙂

Now I could list all the labels you so desperately want to use to define me but rather than give them to you!  I’ll make you work for it 😉  So you’ll actually have to read my blogs and formulate your own conclusions about the kind of person I am and where I stand on different matters.

I will, however, say I embody a good assortment of the diverse labels that we have in our wonderful world today!

I am very empathetic to all sides, of all matters, I do not have to share the same opinions as you BUT I will push my negative feeling and comments aside to educate myself on your stance.. (this would be called not being a ignorant dick)

All I ask is you do the same! 🙂